Looking for an ayoba bounce

Looking for an ayoba bounce

Ex dividend and holding! MTN is giving subtle hints of strength which could mean that a rally is imminent.

MTN is currently holding support (surprisingly) and is also one of the very few stocks STILL trading above it’s 200 day moving average. This just has to indicate that the price is still strong relative to the market.

Trading now in extreme over-sold territory, this one just has to be worth a punt for an AYOBA bounce.

I have got my “SMART strategy” clients long at 100.38 and I’m looking for a target near 110.00. Stop loss is placed at 95.59 and I am risking just 2% of my portfolio.

Live chart is available on TradingView

Here’s SMART trade.

Risking 2% of my portfolio, this is the plan;

Entered long MTN (CFD) R100.38
Stop loss 95.59
Profit target 110.00

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