Tech High Beta trade

Tech High Beta trade

With much red on the screen, it might be worth looking for an entry into two high beta sectors, tech and finance. Currently S&P500 and Nasdaq both down over -1.5% intra-day …. it might be time to go shopping!

As we build up our core portfolio the are looking to accumulate stocks in both the IT and Banking sectors but I wan’t to wait a while before we choose specific names  … so lets get our toes wet using the broad based ETFs but …

Although I think we are playing a bit a catch-up, having missed the the strong moves earlier in the year, I want to wait for lower entry prices as Trump creates US-China trade talk chaos.

BUY iShares Dow Jones US Technology

Microsoft (MSFT) and Apple Inc (AAPL) make up almost 31.5% of the index, and the index has returned 18.27% per year for the previous 10 years.

The Index is well off its 52 week lows, but I don’t want to chase it, so we want to accumulate below 190 with a target above previous highs (~210)

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