Unum Capital Trading Desk: Internal Research Notes 15-April-2019

Unum Capital Trading Desk: Internal Research Notes 15-April-2019

Unum Trading Internal Research Chart Link
Sector Positioning Technical Ideas: 

1. Long J857 v Short J210: Resources sector potentially starting to underperform the Insurance sector.

Daily Chart: https://www.tradingview.com/x/g5o9CHOn/

Weekly Chart: https://www.tradingview.com/x/m6g4WoBP/

2. Long J560 v Short J150: As per the weekly relative chart view, the Telecoms sector has been trading in a downward channel versus the Gold sector and is approaching a level of interest while attempting to break out of the channel resistance. In the lower panel, the RSI is showing strength, similar to the prior breakout.  

Weekly Chart: https://www.tradingview.com/x/q3LjN85u/   

3. Long J212 v Short J153:On a relative basis, JSE Financials are reversing their under-peformance versus JSE Platinum and Precious Metals  https://www.tradingview.com/x/85rrTYGH/

4. Technical Observation: Spar starting to outperform Clicks.



5. Platinum stocks appear to be losing steam. Impala Platinum money flows breaking down and RSI pending a downside break. Sticking out to me is that gap at 3975c. The run-up from below 2000c in September was spectacular but is it time for a pullback?


6. EOH: On the verge of a reversal? Share closing higher by 1.6% on Friday on the back of a trading statement. RSI bullish divergence nearing a trend line break while the Money Flow Index is starting to rise out of oversold territory. Speculative opportunity only.


7. Barloworld: The share has behaved very well in the past and been a source of profit for traders who managed to get involved. I’m looking at a new level, a pullback from the top of the channel to set up a new entry. The price is above the 200-day which is also turning up. Provisionally, the R125/127 level appears to be an accumulation zone. Stop-loss: R117. Take Profit Target: R145. (Equity Portfolio/Ungeared Idea).


8. Energy Stocks Pair: Long Schlumberger NV/ Short Kinder Morgan


9. Healthcare Stocks Pair: Long Mylan/ Short Eli Lilly


10. Value v Growth Pair: + iShares S&P500 Value ETF/-iShares S&P500 Growth ETF: Double Bottom and time for a reversal?

IVE/IVW v (Inverse S&P500): Growth clearly the driver! https://www.tradingview.com/x/bv5t1IIQ/


11. VanEck Vectors Gaming ETF: Price action looking quite strong. Inverse head and shoulder and regaining 8, 21 and 50-day moving average. Medium term equity portfolio idea.


12. DAX Index (Spot): The index has had a strong run (+16.7%) since the December 2018 lows. The price is now approaching downward trend line resistance as well as testing the neckline of a head and shoulder formation which sets up a potential short/sell opportunity. First up, watch out for the ‘gap’ close at 12103. Monitoring for now.


Unum Capital’s Internal Trading Desk Research is a collection of general research, technical and fundamental observations, charts of interest, key technical levels as well as trade ideas that is produced to assist traders on the desk in identifying money-making opportunities. These ideas may be immediately actionable or worth placing on the radar for a potential trade at a future date. Please note that trade ideas (including key levels) are subject to change as new information becomes available and price action changes.  

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